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Custom made 18 karat yellow gold simple band ring containing five Brazilian alexandrites. The gems, which are well cut and polished, weigh a total of .30 carat. These gems are from the Brazilian deposit and, of course, are genuine color change chrysoberyl, going from a deep red-purple in incandescent or halogen light to a brilliant grassy green in natural light. Ring is size 8, and could be sized plus or minus 2 sizes.

Alexandrite, one of the rarest gemstones, is the traditional June birthstone. Because of the costliness of genuine alexandrite, pearl and moonstone are alternatives for June.

Legend has it that the original deposit of alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Imperial Russia on Tzar Alexander's birthday, and were so named in his honor. The Russian deposit gave out in 1910, so the most productive deposit (a mere trickle of gems) today is in central Brazil. Some alexandrite does come to light occasionally in Burma and Sri Lanka, but these are usually river tumbled gems quite full of inclusions and cut as cabochons to produce star or cat's eye gems. Alexandrite's trick of color change happens when light strikes tiny platelets inside the gem and reflects color to the eye.

Photographs by Darla Aniline Photography