Sheaffer, Balance Petite Fountain Pen & Pencil Set, Black w/Gold Fill Trim - VP4728

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Fountain pen is lever filler; crisp, complete barrel imprint; trim and clip show no brassing; 14 karat gold 3-25 FIRM/FINE nib; 4-1/8" capped, and 4-13/16" open with posted cap; pen clean, fitted with new ink sac, and is RESTORED AND WORKING.

Pencil is twist activated; crisp cap imprint; trim and clip show no brassing; no dings or dents in ferrule; lead advances but does not retreat; measures 4-3/16" in length; WORKING.

The smallest pen and pencil produced by Sheaffer, both pen and pencil show tiny scuff marks due to age, with condition listed as good plus as there are no nicks, chips or cracks in either item.