About PRI

Private Reserve Ink, (PRI), is proudly bottled and shipped to both retailers and distributors worldwide from our wholesale facility in Zionsville, Indiana. PRI carries 52 rich and saturated fountain pen ink colors in both bottled ink and ink cartridges. We also provide the exclusive PRI brand of rollerball and ballpoint pen refills. 

Established in 2000, PRI was the forerunner of the concept of multiple-colored, deeply saturated fountain pen inks in the USA, and we continue to carry on that legacy. 

Being a long-time employee of Avalon Jewelers and PRI, I purchased the company in January 2018.  We have been instrumental in moving Private Reserve back into the mainstream market via social media marketing, advertising and ensuring that PRI has a presence at pen shows, thus bringing the ink company to an entirely new level of development and success.

Under focused direction in marketing I have found that Private Reserve Ink is still respected in the industry, with an amazing fan base who are delighted that the rumors we went out of business are not true. 

Not only does PRI boast fountain pen ink, we also have established a quaint pen storefront in our wholesale business location at 68 North 1st Street, Zionsville, IN. Here you will find new, gently used and vintage fountain pens, ballpoint and rollerball refills and, of course, all PRI ink products. We also offer on-site pen repairs for valued vintage fountain pens. 

PRI is staffed by a dedicated team whom have diverse creative backgrounds in conceptualization, artistry and photography. Everyone brings something to the table in creating new concepts or ideas for the company in one form or fashion. 

We appreciate all of our dedicated consumers and retailers for their continued and loyal support.

Darla Aniline
Owner & CBW (Chief Bottle Washer)
Private Reserve Ink, a Div. of
Oscar's Ink Co. LLC